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Clinic Construction

History of the Clinic


In 1831, there was a group of Quakers who erected was what known as the "New meeting house." This was utilized as a place of prayer by the Quakers for almost 100 years. 

Then, in 1928 a woman obtained it and converted it into a private home, which was written up in the American Home Magazine.

In 2017, we bought the "Meeting house" as our first family house. It turned out the front two rooms of the house would be perfect to start my dreamed of physical therapy business. 

After much labor and sweat, prayers and help from loved ones we renovated the space and made it our own while respecting and cherishing it's roots and history. The pictures above give a quick glimpse into some of the work and process, and we hope you enjoy seeing the transformation. 

From the first moment I stepped into this house, I felt God's presence and love for us! He continues to shower down His endless graces upon us! 

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