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Ever wonder what it would feel like to be hugged by an octopus?

You know...think Michael Phelps? 

  • Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique utilizing small cups ranging from 0.5” to 2.5” typically constructed of glass, ceramic, bamboo, or plastic. These are placed on areas of the skin, and negative pressure is applied to create suctioning of the skin. We utilize only “dry cupping” where the skin is left intact and not punctured as in “wet cupping.” 

  • Dry cupping serves multiple purposes:

    • Primarily, it creates a unique stimulus to the tissue under and surrounding the cup, a lifting sensation and applying a direct stretch.

    • This stimulates targeted increased blood flow and resets the nervous system in relation to the tissue.

  • I also love to incorporate physical movement with cupping to create even greater neuromuscular adaptation - namely, giving your body a unique experience of movement.

  • Then, after the cups are removed, you experience a new found freedom in that same movement.

  • Honestly, it’s all about the nervous system!

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