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Therapeutic scraping. 

  • Most commonly known as “Graston.” I first learned Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) from Graston-certified practitioners at one of my clinical rotations. During my time there, I not only administered but also received IASTM, specifically after a surgery I had. It dramatically improved my healing and ability to regain full ROM and tissue extensibility. 

  • Typically administered using a beveled edge stainless steel instrument. 

  • This technique primarily targets the fascial system, a matrix of connective tissue resembling a dense and 3-dimensional spider web interwoven throughout our body. 

  • Research has shown IASTM to help improve circulation, cell hydration and elongation, tissue fiber alignment, de-sensitization, and scar healing. 

  • It transforms the body, analogous to the clarity transformation of a phone call going from poor, spotty service to full, clear service. 

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