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You really know how to CRACK me up!

Snap, crackle, pop! 

  • There are 5 grades of spinal and joint mobilizations. 

    • Grades 1-4 are known as mobilizations

    • Grade 5 is known as a manipulation, cracking, and specifically HVLAT (high velocity, low amplitude thrust)


  • They all help to: ​​​

    • Decrease pain

    • Excite increased fluid (blood, lymph, and synovial) movement throughout the joint and surrounding tissue. 

    • Decrease muscle guarding and tension/spasm.​

    • Improve nerve communication to and from the spinal column. 

  • These techniques I use regularly to quickly achieve stated changes in the body.

  • When performing manipulations, many people ask me what the noise is?

    • The audible cracking noise is the creation of air bubbles and sudden change in pressure experienced within the joint space. ​

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