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The Fascia System 

  • Remember the scene from “The Lord of the Rings” when Frodo gets stuck in Shelob’s thick and sticky spider web? That’s like your fascia system. 

  • This is a specialized system of the body, interconnected with every other aspect of the body. It is a matrix of connective tissue resembling a dense and 3-dimensional spider web. This web surrounds and supports just about everything lying under our skin, including muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel, lymphatic vessel, as well as our internal organs. 

  • In healthy tissue, this matrix is pliable and allows for multi-directional movement. Fluids, which carry oxygen and various nutrients to cells of the body and carry waste products out, are able to easily move throughout the matrix. 

  • When we experience emotional or physical stress, trauma, injury, or illness our fascia system is affected. Adhesions and restrictions form, inhibiting proper movement and communication throughout the tissue.  

  • This can result in increased pain and irritation to the nervous system, decreased muscle activation and strength, and even dysfunction of internal organs.

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